5 reasons you need a backpacking stove

I wrote this article simply due to the fact that I wish someone would have forced me to purchase a backpacking stove years ago. This is 100% the gadget that I had no idea I needed and now that I have one I will never go without. My backpacking stove completely changed the way that I experience hiking. It was inexpensive, fits in my pocket and offers me hiking luxury beyond my wildest dreams. These things are super cool and can be picked up on Amazon or at any hiking or camping store near you. Now a days I can’t imagine going back to hiking without my stove and I encourage anyone reading this to grab one sooner rather than later and see for yourself.

1. Coffee

Hot Coffee on the trail is the ultimate luxury. If you’ve ever camped in the woods before you know it can get cold at night. being able to wake up with a warm cup of coffee really starts the hike off on the right foot. On my last hike in the Adirondacks we slept in the hammocks and set an alarm to wake up at 3AM and drink coffee and star gaze with the binoculars in the mountains before we started hiking. This was one of my favorite moments I’ve ever experienced on a hike, sounds corny but words literally cant describe it. The point being if your into coffee, having a warm cup on the trail while back packing is something you must try.

2. Dehydrated meals

When hiking for a few days straight you will probably start to miss warm meals. With a hiking stove and a pot to boil water you have everything you need to cook any one of countless dehydrated meals. Dehydrated meals can be purchased inexpensively online or even made relatively easily in your own home if you have a dehydrator. It’s like bringing the luxury of having a kitchen on your hike with you. A nice warm meal provides you with the substance and energy you need to sustain yourself far longer than a backpack full of granola bars ever could. Warm meals on my hikes once seemed like a day dream to me but now they have become a regular part of my routine.

3. bathing on the trail

With the ability to boil water you can wash your face and hair and body with warm water whenever you want. This becomes more and more appealing the longer you spend on the trail. The ability to bath on the trail adds an entirely new dimension to hiking for me. No matter how long I’ve been out in the woods for a hiking stove gives me the ability to clean myself up and feel refreshed on any leg of the trip and that freedom for sure increases the amount of time I want to spend in the woods.

4. Tea

The reason I list tea separate from coffee is simply due to the fact that I prefer coffee to wake up and tea as my wind down before bed. The ability to enjoy a nice cup of tea while looking up at the stars before bed seemed like something reserved for Hollywood movies to me but now with the addition of my backpacking stove it has become a reality every time I hit the trails for an overnight hike.

5. Cooking fish

This one I’m sure appeals to all my fellow anglers out there. It’s the ultimate hiker/survivalist dream. The ability to catch and cook your own food on the trails has been a dream of mine for many years. In my opinion this is about as hardcore as it gets. To some this may sound like a fate worse than death which I can understand, but for many including myself it is the ultimate badge of honor. Nothing compares to the taste of 100% freshly cooked fish and game and the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with it only adds to the experience. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to challenge themselves and there own survival abilities.

Regardless of how often you hike or whether or not the uses above would apply to you, I cannot recommend this gadget enough. Hiking stoves start at around 10$ and offer 20 times that in value. I promise you this will completely change what you thought hiking had to be. If you are someone that loves hiking the way that I do and you thought it couldn’t get any better I’m letting you know this purchase will change the way you think about it. As always thanks for reading my friends. Please comment below and let me know any additional uses you have found for your hiking stove so that I can give it a try next time I hit the trails.

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